Locanda dell'Olmo

The kitchen

The restaurant “Locanda dell’Olmo” serves the traditional cuisine from Lower Piedmont toghether with Ligurian dishes.

Our menu is created around locally produced ingredients and with the observance of the changing seasons.

The focus is on quality. Tradition and careful  selection of raw materials are our strong points.
Some of our specialities are: Montebore cheese flan, raw meat, vegetables with bagna caoda, corsetti novesi (a local home-made pasta) with pesto or meat sauce, rabattoni della Fraschetta (a main course made of ricotta cheese and spinachs, cooked au gratin with a little of butter and parmesan cheese) , stockfish with cherry tomatoes and black taggiasche olives, fried anchovies and the piemontese meat cooked in various way.
When in season we serve porcini mushrooms fried or baked with potatoes.
Special care is given to the selection of cheese.
Among the delicious specialities of our dessert there are the typical polentino boschese (a cake made of stewed pears in Barbera wine between two layers of  maize shortcrust pastry) and a chocolate pie with Barolo Chinato cream.